Women who are eligible for Medicare will have access to Medicare rebates for a portion of their midwifery care. 

Women who use private health insurance should seek clarification from their insurance provider as coverage may vary. 

Please note, Medicare rebates will not apply once your baby is 7 weeks old.

If you are experiencing financial difficulty, please contact us to discuss a payment plan.




 Initial antenatal visit* 60-90 mins $155
 Short antenatal visit* Up to 40 mins $95
 Long antenatal visit* 40-60 mins $155
Pregnancy Care Plan (beyond 20 weeks) 90 mins $330
Birth at home Please contact us to discuss cost.
Short postnatal visit* 30-40 $95
 Long postnatal visit* 40-60 $155
Home visits  – additional $20 to above fee
Travel charges 50 – 80 kms from Queanbeyan GPO $60
80 – 100 kms from Queanbeyan GPO $75

*Medicare rebates may apply for these items.

Spectra Breast Pump Purchase

Spectra S2

Hospital Grade Double Pump


Spectra S1

Hospital Grade Double Pump




Spectra Breast Pump Hire

Refundable deposit

Spectra S2


Feeding sets (x2)



$50.00 per week


$30 each