Birth at home

CARE midwifery provides birth at home services depending on your individual circumstances.  Ali and Mel are both highly experienced in home birth and will provide you with the best advice and care. The true art of midwifery interweaves evidence-based care with intuition and Ali and Mel will always provide individualised care that is truly woman centred.

More and more women are looking to birth at home as we rediscover the benefits of being in your own environment as you go into labour and bring your baby into this world. Your hormones work best when you feel safe, supported and in control of your environment. Ali and Mel are both experts in creating and holding this sacred space for women and their families – providing full spectrum midwifery care in your own home.

They will bring the following to your home:

  •  Waterproof Doppler and pinnards for listening to baby’s heart rate
  •  Catheterisation equipment
  •  Cannulation equipment
  •  Suture materials
  •  Drugs in case of postpartum haemorrhage
  •  Resuscitation equipment
  •  Equipment for cord cutting and care
  •  Scales to weigh baby
  •  All legal birth documentation

CARE midwifery can provide information of where to hire or buy a birth pool.

Services are limited by distance and availability.

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