Midwifery care provided by our midwives is rebatable from Medicare and some private health funds. This helps to minimise the out of pocket costs for you and your family and helps us to provide you with cost effective but high quality care.

There may be additional costs applied to visits to women in regional areas, depending on distance we need to travel. We are happy to share this additional cost between several women if we have more than one client to see in a rural location.

We recommend you to check with your private health insurance fund to find out the rebate available for each service as this may vary between private health insurance providers.


Service Appointment Length (minutes) Cost Medicare rebate
Antenatal care        
  Initial 60-90


  Short 30-40 $115
  Long 40-60 $140
Pregnancy Care planning (after 20 weeks) 60-90 Bulk billed
Postnatal Care        
  Short 30-40 $115
  Long 40-60 $140
Day Stay 8.30am – 4.30pm   $435
Travel charge for individual appointments * 50 – 80 kms from Queanbeyan GPO $40  
80 – 100 kms from Queanbeyan GPO $75  


* Travel charge will be discounted by 50% if more than one woman books an appointment in that locality on that day


Spectra Breast Pump Purchase

Spectra S2

Hospital Grade Double Pump

Spectra S1

Hospital Grade Double Pump



Spectra Breast Pump Hire

Refundable deposit

Spectra S2

Feeding sets (x2)


$50.00 per week

$30 each