CARE midwifery is a private midwifery practice providing a full range of midwifery, and maternity care services to families in Canberra and the nearby regional areas of southern NSW.

We also provide a number of associated services for fellow midwives, other health professionals, hospitals and healthcare organisations.

  Kindness is our thing!  


We believe in providing and creating midwifery care that is kind and nurturing, as we know and understand that pregnancy, labour and birth and parenting can be challenging at times. Kindness, partnered with highly skilled care are essential in helping you to make informed decisions and choices about your pregnancy, your birth and your parenting and will assist you to become confident parents.

Each woman and her partner will have different ideas, experiences, values, beliefs and philosophies about pregnancy, labour and birth, and parenting. Our role is to listen to you and your partner to gain an understanding about your own values, ideals and priorities and then to help you grow, birth and parent your baby in the way that feels right for you. Our focus is to ensure you have the correct, up to date information, resources and support to make whatever decision you feel is right for you and your baby.

Our priority is to help you identify your needs and choices, and then to support you in meeting these individual needs and goals. Our goal is to support you to have a healthy pregnancy, a positive and healthy labour and birth where you are supported and confident in your decision making and of course, a healthy new baby and a supported transition to parenting in the early weeks after birth.

No one cares about your family as much as you do. CARE Midwifery is here to help you during this exciting, sometimes challenging, almost always tiring and incredibly special time. We look forward to meeting you and hearing what it is we can do to help make this exciting journey even more rewarding.

We are available to clients for phone support between 8am – 6pm Mon – Fri.